Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time out!

The weather is crazy. Sierra told us we just need to put the weather in time out. Last night we were under a freeze warning, so we hauled out just about every sheet we own to cover the garden. A little bit of overkill, perhaps, but there's entirely too much out there to risk it this late in the season. Looking at the history overnight, one of the local weather stations got down to 32.0, but that was the low point. Not sure if we're just in a low lying area or what, but there was a little bit of frost damage on some of our fig and pear leaves. Everything else is fine. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 80 again.

Been hard to update lately. I have begrudingly admitted Sedona is too old for 2 naps a day, so we've dropped the morning one. That means there is a lot less work and a lot a more playing happening in the morning, overall, not a bad deal!

No one has come up with a poison ivy rash, thank goodness. The garden is completely planted for spring. There is still plenty of work to be done, but everything is in the ground.

Over the weekend, we went to an egg hunt that is sponsored by the local police department, the George Bush Library and several companies around town. It's always a lot of fun and completely free. They have a big egg hunt for the kids, give out drinks and snacks, the kids get goodie bags with a lot of good stuff in them, and there's a raffle hosted by the city police for bikes and baskets each year.

We ran into some friends there. Their daughter goes to the same school as Sierra and they're good buddies:

Typically, the Easter Bunny rides in on a fire truck and they blow the fire truck horn to start the egg hunt. Not sure what happened, but there was a false start this year where kids on one corner of one field started running in, and everyone was holding their kids back, but there were enough kids already out there that finally the workers just said to go. Still a great time, Sierra finally understands the concept now and had her basket heaped full of eggs at the end:

Sedona is still on the "0-3" field with the other young 'uns and was quite content with 4 or 5 eggs

And Sierra won a raffle prize this year!!! She got a frisbee, bucket of sidewalk chalk, disney princess pen and address book, pack of different colored gel pens, bubbles, a stuffed bear and an extra egg with candy in it.

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One Acre Homestead said...

Congrats on the raffle prize!! That's exciting! We loved the GB Easter Egg Hunt when we lived down there! One of the many great things about BCS! Sierra is looking like a big girl!

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