Monday, November 26, 2007

More baby update

Took Sedona back to the doctor this morning. We had a dirty diaper with us, so he tested it for blood. A small part of me hoped he would say I was nuts and there was no blood, but nope, the whole thing reacted rather quickly--plenty of blood. So we did a CBC and IgE test (BIG thumbs up for the phlebotomist at the pediatric office...she was awesome and got the teensy tiny baby vein on the first try). Her platelets are fine, her iron is really good, her WBCs are on the upper edge of normal, but still fine. Her weight gain is on the lower edge of normal, but still fine. The IgE test will take a few days to get back and will tell us if she has a true food allergy (if it's elevated). If the IgE is normal, she either has a local food sensitivity (just in her gut) or something else entirely. Basically, another week of wait and see. We opted against a RAST test because it would require us to pick what allergens we want to test for and besides dairy and soy, we really don't have a great idea of what's bothering her. You can't just run the test for like 50 things because you have to have a certain amount of blood for each one.

In other news...
Another test of who's who?

They are starting to look more different to me, but man, are they sisters, or what??
And this is just funny. Daddy caught her mid-blink, but it looks like, "duuuuude, this is, like, the best elephant EVER!" ROFL

And last, but not least, the new curtains I made (they'll go on a nicer curtain rod when we take down all that paneling):

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Traca said...

The side profile picture is of Sierra, right? That's the age when I saw her the most. But, they do look a lot alike!
Hang in there with all the testing/diet. I know you guys will figure it out. It has been so much harder for me this second time around, too. What's up with that? I thought it would be easier!

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