Friday, November 23, 2007

The results

Sedona's stool culture was negative for everything. Yay, or boo.....can't decide which. In short, we are back to square one. Only it's more like negative one, because I haven't stuck to the elimination diet since Monday (have stayed dairy/soy free) and she started improving yesterday. This leads me to believe that in addition to the dairy and soy, she is reacting to something that was on the elimination diet....rice?? I DON'T KNOW!!! And I'm not sure what to do next...keep playing with diet? Test her for allergies (not entirely reliable, and involves a decent amount of pain for her). Formula's not an option and won't be unless something more drastic happens. She's still gaining weight at an acceptable pace, she's happy, it's cold and flu season, her gut is already irritated and therefore more permeable to pathogens and allergens. No way am I giving up the immunological benefits of breastmilk right now. For better or worse, breastfeeding is my soapbox (not to mention I spend all day everyday fixing everyone else's breastfeeding issues) and I shall stand firm on it unless someone can give me extraordinary reason not to.

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