Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another drive by post

I've been pretty busy while we've had visitors (doing the stuff I never get to do while I have someone to wrangle children for me). I really will post back, but highlights

*I think I FINALLY have this machine quilting thing down. I know, I know, it's pretty much cheating, but I assure you, my machine quilting (thus far) looks no better and possibly worse than my hand quilting, so it's okay, right?

*I have made great progress cleaning out the side room and am hoping to have it set up for Sierra to use before my mother in law leaves. The idea is to have a place where she can go (there is a sliding glass door so she can see us, but be separated) and use scissors, glue, small crayons, toys not safe for Sedona the hoover, "everything must be eaten" baby, etc... without being harassed by sister. Bonus points for me if I also get all my sewing supplies and fabric stash organized in the process. Oh, and there's about 4 boxes that never got unpacked when we moved in (over a year ago---yeah...probably selling most of that)

*I cooked tonight for the first time in over a week. Man, that's been nice. I've also had an excuse to make cinnamon rolls, scones and kolaches (that's baking, not cooking)

*I discovered that when you have 2 hours and no baby to get in and out of the car, you can run 8...yes, EIGHT different errands

*My kitchen is finally just about finished. I have trim on the counters, trim around the windows/doors, my curtains back up and it's ready for painting and baseboard. The plywood addition at the end of the counter is even paneled in. Thank you kind father in law for working hard last week!!!

*We canned 12 pounds of apples, dried about 8 pounds and have another 10-12 pounds to can. Then I opened the sales paper today and saw golden delicious apples are $0.50/pound this week. Of course they are, I paid $0.97/pound last week, so it only makes sense that they finally go on sale now. Oh well, this will let us try our hand at applesauce. yay for buying food in season.

pictures are day

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Brandy said...

It's amazing how fast you can run errands with no kids, isn't it? I'm jealous that you've had the opportunity! :-)

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