Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fabric Love

"a quilting we will go, a quilting we will go, hi ho the dairy-o, a quilting we will go...."

Still haven't bound any quilts (can ya tell which part is my least favorite?), but I do have two done besides the trimming and binding.

First up, my own quilt. This is the one I posted about earlier--it's for my grandmother and is made mostly of old fabrics (my old clothes, old clothes from sierra/sedona, etc...). I still think this puzzle piece pattern is really nifty. I quilted around each puzzle piece, which I'm not sure I'm real happy with, but it's done now!

Next is a "family history" quilt. My great-grandmother pieced this when she was 95. I think I learned a few things about granny while quilting this---she saw quilts as mostly functional, not decorative objects. She may have just randomly grabbed whatever scrap was on top of the pile when she was piecing quilts. She did not, apparently, believe in squaring up anything. The first two facts make perfect sense to me. The third, however, makes quilting a complete pain the rear. I really don't like squaring up blocks/quilts, but the work spent doing it GREATLY reduces frustration while quilting (for me, I missing something?). Anyways, I quilted this with invisible thread on top and pink (matching the back) thread in the bobbin, so you can't really see my quilting (which was the whole point---finish the quilt without totally detracting from what she did). I ended up deciding to just do stippling all over the whole thing

The back (easier to see the quilting)

At one point, I decided it'd be neat to add a little secret, so I put in "Kimberly, 2008" and "Annie, 2001" (her name and when she pieced it). It's fairly well hidden--I have to look for it, even though I know it's there. I tried to get pictures and had trouble with that, but here's the best one I came up with (of my name)


Karen said...

i think they look great. I really like the puzzle one too.

Brandy said...

Those look great! I love the 'hidden' name! :)

Snyder Central said...

I LOVE the puzzle piece quilt. Good idea about hiding the names in the quilting as well.

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