Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Yes, just ONE day with Sierra...

Sierra (after finding out some neighbors have a litter of puppies): Can I get a puppy?!?!
Me: You don't take care of the dog we have now
Sierra: But she's not a puppy
Me: Puppies turn into dogs
Sierra: But she's like a kid dog and then a momma dog and....can I have a puppy??

Josh: Sierra, what vegetable do you want with dinner?
Sierra: ummm.......sausage!
Me: Sausage is not a vegetable
Sierra: Yes it is!!! It tastes like a vegetable to me!!

(After Josh and I explaining that she needs to quit waking Sedona up in the morning and let her sleep longer)
Sierra: But then she'll miss cartoons!
Me: She can watch cartoons when she does get up
Sierra: But she'll miss Curious George, she LOVES Curious George! (for the record, SIERRA loves Curious George, Sedona very very rarely watches anything on TV)

And a Sedona funny from a few days ago...

We were reading a "colors" book. For the orange page, there is a pumpkin:
Me: Orange
Sedona: No! Pumpkin!
Me: Orange pumpkin
Sedona: Momma, no! Pumpkin!
Me: Yes, it's a pumpkin, but it's an orange pump--
Sedona: STOP! (pointing emphatically at the page) pumpkin!

At least the girl's got the confidence to know when she's right!

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