Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey, I have a blog!

Wow, been a few days. Let's see, everyone's healthy and we're moving.

Huh, what? Moving?

Yup, Josh was offered a post-doc position at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Hamilton, Montana. Let me repeat that---this Texas girl (born and raised, y'all) is expected to move to Montana. It was 22 degrees in Hamilton this morning, we hit 79 here at home this afternoon. Largely because of the weather and partly because of the shortage of major airports and 28 hour drive time to get back home, I'm floatin' down a big ol' river in Egypt (you may know it as "de nile"). I've got several months to adjust to the idea and we're toying with the idea of the girls and I doing some extensive road trips since this means they will both be homeschooled starting next fall and we will be free to set our own schedule of events. A post-doc is, by definition, a temporary thing (kind of like a continuation of your schooling, with MUCH better pay), so the plan is to come back here when he's done. In the meantime, I gotta survive 2 or 3 Montana winters...brrrrrrrr


One Acre Homestead said...

Darn it!! I was really rooting for Okie land! Congrats, will be a grand adventure. Are the chickies making the move?

One Acre Homestead said...

I just realized that I have a sweet friend from High School who lives near there...Stevensville, MT. You guys have a lot in common! I gave her your blog address!

Sunny said...

That's me! I'm the "sweet friend" (thanks Steph...and right back atcha!) in Stevensville.

I'm also a TX-grown girl who hates the cold and thought I'd never in a million years leave TX. Yet, here I am. We've been in MT 5 years now.

The good news is this is the "banana belt" of the weather is not as severe as other parts of the state. The bad news's still colder than south TX, and the mexican food is lacking. LOL!

Hamilton is a nice town (much smaller than where you're at now, though) with pretty scenery and LOTS of outdoor stuff to do like hiking. It might take 2-3 years to hike all the trails!

Stephanie will send you my contact info and you're welcome to check out my blog (but I've been MIA on it lately...ugh).


The Hills said...

Howdy! Yeah, I keep hearing that "banana belt" theory LOL Like you said, not very reassuring when it refers to a comparison with the rest of Montana's weather---still MUCH colder than Texas!!! I lived in Utah for a year---I remember well the mexican food shortage! Or the times someone would mention a "really good" mexican food restaurant that was horrible!! Luckily I can cook my own now!

The outdoors will be nice, we'll have the chance to do some rock climbing again!

Carolyn said...

If I say no, stamp my foot, and whine a lot, will that keep you from moving?



The Hills said...

Carolyn, throw in an equal paycheck and health insurance and you've got yourself a deal ;-) (and if you really can manage that, I'm not kidding!)

The Mama said...

I'm in denial too. Big time. Things here won't be the same without you. What if Carolyn and I both stomp our feet and whine a lot?

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