Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Quick Update

I know, I know...I've disappeared. We had a great time celebrating Easter. The girls and I went to a friend's house on Friday to have an egg hunt, and we had my parents over Sunday for an egg hunt here at the house. When Sierra ran out into the yard, one of her shoes fell off she was running so fast. We tried to stop her and she yelled, "I don't care! I'm getting eggs!" and did the rest of the hunt barefoot. Of course Sedona had to be continually prodded along, she wanted to stop and eat the candy from each egg as she found it. With the new handy dandy DSLR, I ended up with over 100 pictures, but I'll just put 4 of my favorites up.

On Tuesday, the girls went back to school. When we arrived that morning, there was a sign posted that school would be closed for the month of April starting the next day. They attend a very small Montessori School with only one teacher. She has a family issue to take care of (VERY valid to close the school), so I have the girls home with me unexpectedly. I'm slightly stressed about it, which is ridiculous---they were home all last summer, and they will be home indefinitely starting in June. I think I just do better with a little time to mentally prepare! We brought home Sierra's books from school and I will spend some time each day homeschooling her starting next week. Even though she's really far ahead, she is in Kindergarten now and a whole month without any school work seems a bit much (aside from the typical summer break).

With all that going on, I just haven't worked on the quilt like I should. I have the Spindrift top completely pieced and as soon as I pick a fabric to use (going to try to use something I already have), I will do a post on borders. I have sewed all my sashing to my blocks for the Scrap Happy quilt, but I still need to sew each row together and put all those together to make the entire top. That one doesn't have a separate border, so it will be ready to quilt at that point.

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