Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still Sick (of course)

You may have noticed the lack of quilting updates. That would be because puke stains aren't quite the kind of embellishment anyone wants on a quilt, so I'm staying away from my pretty, oh so close to being done, masterpieces....or mediocre-scrappy-pieces, whatever.

I'm still sick. Well, "sick" is a vast understatement. Yesterday, I actually decided that a few days in the hospital on an IV would be NICE. Having had both a hospital and home birth, I choose home birth hands down because I HATE HOSPITALS. I hate the routines, I hate the loss of autonomy, I hate the germs, I hate the "because we said so" procedures, I hate the "informed consent" that really isn't. I see hospitals as great places for major lacerations and heart attacks, not pregnancy and delivery. But yesterday? I was ready for an IV. I know how to put in an IV catheter (on a dog, anyway...can't be that much different) and was fully willing to do it myself, but seeing as how I lack the supplies, the hospital was seeming like a mighty fine option. By the afternoon, I was feeling better and more hydrated and decided if I could get myself through until Monday, maybe the doctor will just run a bag of fluids in me in the office without having to go to the hospital. To make that even remotely possible, I had to change something though.

My handy dandy watch allows me to set 3 different alarms, so every two and a half hours last night, my alarm went off, and I forced myself to reach into the little cooler Josh had put by the bed and get out two chunks of cheese to eat. Not exactly pleasant, but oh what a difference it's made this morning. I wasn't starting from square one this morning, it was more like square two--and that was a nice place to be. I ate a bagel with cream cheese and a few grapes for breakfast and it was mildly enjoyable. If I could just get one bite of something down every 5 or 10 minutes, I think I could even get to a point where I'm not really sick.

People have asked me if I was this sick with the girls. It's hard to say....With Sierra I slept most of the day for a few weeks and lost 15 pounds (and no, I don't have 15 pounds to lose....I think my pitiful weight gain throughout her pregnancy contributed to the pre-term labor with her). With Sedona, I took Zofran and Phenergan on a regular basis, which got me to work, but I still lost a fair amount of weight. I don't have issues with lots of vomiting...sure, that happens, but for the most part, if I can get it down, it stays down. My problem is food aversions. I was talking to my mom yesterday and came up with the perfect analogy--imagine you were really sick and someone put a poop sandwich in front of you...yes, poop...and told you that if you'd just eat it, everything would be fine. Gross, right? Yeah, well just about everything in the world is a poop sandwich to me right now. And what is mildly okay one day, is unbearable the next, so I don't even have a list of tried and true favorites. I'm holding out hope that since the pattern is relatively similar to what I had with the girls, I will also be pretty much all better in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I've been on self-imposed bedrest...another thing I've insisted I HATE ever since I did almost 11 weeks of it with Sierra, but I just can't imagine doing anything else at the moment.


Karen said...

I'm so sorry that you're so sick!

Marti Kubena said...

Maybe it's twins! That cute little baby will be totally worth it once it's here. I've never lost weight during a pregnancy. Just doesn't seem fair to be nauseous for 6 months and STILL gain 30 pounds. You can have some of my weight! Hope you start feeling better soon!

The Hills said...

Oh no no! No twins!! Already had an ultrasound...only ONE in there!

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