Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Old Pics

In unpacking, I finally found old disks of the pictures I rescued from my laptop before it finally died (note--don't buy computers at best buy, or at least, don't expect them to live up to their own "no lemon" policy)

This pic makes me want to climb again SOOO badly!!! Circa July 2002, "No One Gets Out of Here Alive" at The Buttermilks in Bishop, CA. Now that Sierra has her own shoes, I need to get our wall put up at home and start teaching her some climbing skills :-D
This is Josh on that (in)famous Snake Dike climb. The climb was so easy compared to the hike in, but this pitch was pretty sketchy for the lead (not so fun for those of us following either, but at least we weren't fighting drag the whole time ;-)

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