Thursday, August 30, 2007

We make the cutest babies ever! ;-) Sister love...Aside from the times she's had friends over, Sierra hasn't really played with her toys at all since Sedona was born, she just wants to be with Sedona 24/7.

I can't emphasize enough how much quicker the second one grows up :-( My newborn is already a chunky baby!! Sedona sleeping on Daddy

Our nephew, Silas, holding Sedona. No, she didn't cry the whole time, this was right when she got fired up--aren't you impressed that a 14 year old boy is trying to calm her and not freaking out??

Our niece, Caris, holding Sedona

We were talking at work today about how much effort it takes to raise children and how only a momma knows how it's all worth it. Yes, I'm on call 24/7 for the rest of my life; yes, I've rarely eaten a meal uninterrupted in 3 years; yes, 9am is now really sleeping in; yes, I'm sometimes tired of carrying snacks, sippy cups, diapers, extra clothes for everyone (including me) and taking 10 minutes to get everyone out of the car to run into the store for one thing; yes, I spend a large portion of my day with Sedona tied to me in the moby wrap so I can work and still fulfill her needs. BUT Nothing is sweeter than rolling over to nurse your sweet baby at 3am (she sleeps with us) and then watching her drift back into sleep; nothing is as heart warming as your toddler walking up to you and saying, "you look pretty momma"; no prior achievement seems to match the grandeur of learning to roll over or bringing home the first school worksheet where all the numbers are written correctly; nothing makes you fall in love as much as watching your husband be the perfect daddy (yes folks, he stays in constant physical contact during labor/delivery, changes diapers, supports breastfeeding 100%, dances, plays soccer, goes to swimming and music lessons, patiently sits through explanations of every school paper, co-sleeps, makes lunches, and reads bedtime stories!). Sure there are tough days, but our hearts are so very very full :-D

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Robin Hawkins said...

You two really do make beautiful babies! I cannot believe how big Sierra has gotten! It seems like just yesterday you were sending me newborn pictures of her! I'm glad she's taking well to being a Big Sister! I look forward to more pictures!

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