Friday, August 31, 2007

Why the System is set up for TWO Parents

When your husband says he's not refereeing the Labor Day Cup (in another town, 120 miles away) this year because, well, you have a six week old and a three year old and perhaps it's prudent to keep the two parent system going as long as possible, LISTEN!! Silly me thought being alone with two kids for three days wasn't much different from being alone with one. Josh and I have a really wonderful tag-team system set up...we both work, we both do household chores, and since a momma naturally has to be with a baby pretty much 24/7, he takes on lots of one on one time with Sierra, which keeps everyone pretty happy. We're good about eating in shifts and sharing nighttime parenting (I get up and nurse, he changes diapers and sheets if necessary). There is a reason this whole baby making thing was set up as a two person system---it takes (at least) two people to give the kiddos the attention they need and deserve and still stay sane!!! This is also why everyone thinks their kids are cute--baby cuteness is an evolutionary mechanism to get parents to invest the energy it takes to raise these little people to self-sufficiency. Please pray to the higher power of your choosing that they decide to sleep in tomorrow!!! ;-)

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