Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another record!

We've already broken the high temp record today. We've hit 104, the record of 100 was set in 1998. Our current humidity is only 25%. It's so dismal that a quite depressing, but also funny public information sheet is up (it talks a lot about Houston because we're pretty close to there). It really does make good reading, just scroll down to the last entry ("Public Information Statement" posted 8:58am on June 25th)

Some highlights....
  • Houston is on the verge of posting their highest ever overnight low (in a tie with July 29, 1895)
  • This is our 5th warmest June ever, but we had lower than normal temps at the beginning of the month, so the latest heat streak has been extra hot to make up for that
  • The longest stretch without rain that Houston has ever recorded was 40 consecutive days (in January/February of 1904). Currently, they're up to 31 days without rain.
  • Despite our "freakish heavy rain" at the end of April (their words, not mine), we are WELL below average yearly rainfall so far.
My husband has actually started WISHING for a hurricane. I keep telling him to watch what he wishes for, but he insists that a "nice category 2 that takes its time moving by" would be a good thing at this point. I'm not so sure. I'm not an expert on weather patterns and hurricane steering, I just think hot weather=hot water=stronger storms, which isn't so good.

Edited to Add: We actually ended up hitting 106 as our high today...whew!

1 comment:

Karen said...

UGH! I remember Houston HOT. It was warm when I first got there 9 yrs ago. I'm sorry, stay inside and enjoy the AC.

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