Thursday, June 18, 2009


Last night, Sedona had her first really bad nightmare. At least that's what I assumed happened. Both my girls (as well as myself) talk in their sleep, so generally, when they make a noise in the night, I ignore it at first. Last night, a blood curdling scream had Josh and I both upright in bed immediately. Being the blind as a bat one, I scrambled for my glasses while he ran to get her. I thought she might have fallen out of bed or gotten a foot stuck in the headboard or something, but I heard her yelling, "BUG! BUG!", so I laid back down. He picked her up and she quickly quieted down (which is why I think it was a dream and not a real bug), but the instant he tried to lay her back in bed, she started screaming again. So he brought her back to our bed.

Now, both our girls slept with us for almost a year and as much as I want my space, I miss their cuddles in the night, so it's nice to have them visit every once in a while. Sedona turned on her side to face me, laid one chubby, soft hand on my arm and wrapped the other around my fingers and I got to fall asleep with sweet baby breath on my shoulder. From hearing the horror stories from the trenches, you'd think night waking is one of the most difficult parts of parenthood, but it can also be one the best parts.

She is 23 months old now and fully into the "twos", so we won't discuss some of the thoughts I had about her once the sun dawned on a new day!! ;-)

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Heather said...

It must have been something in the air last night. Kyle had to sleep with us too! His thing was as soon as he would fall asleep and we would set him down, he would wake up and latch on with all his might and cry so hard he was making himself cough. Somthing must have been off in the toddler universe last night!

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