Sunday, June 28, 2009

Health Goals Check In

So, back at the beginning of the year, I had some resolutions concerning exercise. We're just over half way through the year, so I figure it's time to check in and re-evaluate.

First, a disclaimer. I always get flack when I talk about exercising because, well, the fact of the matter is, I'm skinny. No, my goal is not to lose weight. As a matter of fact, I'd be pretty happy to gain weight--I use to be 10 pounds heavier, but it was all toned muscle and I was in better shape. The first thing that comes into play here is that exercise keeps you healthy--skinny people have heart attacks too. I ran a half-marathon the week I found out I was pregnant with Sedona and my endurance has been all down hill since then. I'd like to get it back. The second thing is that everything is relative. Before kids, I rock climbed...a lot. 6 days a week, usually. A key factor in rock climbing ability is core strength. A key factor to pregnancy is developing "baby belly". Yes, I realize MY "baby belly" isn't so bad in the big scheme of things, but I don't want anyone else's pre-pregnancy belly back, I want MY pre-pregnancy belly back.

Added on to all this...I will be spending quite a bit of time in a swim suit in the very near future and it's hot and dry as all get out right now!!

SOOOO I have two mid-year goals I'm working on.......drink more water and exercise more. I've decided to fill a 750ml water bottle with ice water every morning and I have to finish that before I can get anything else (as opposed to starting the day with coke). I've also been slowly working on the Two Hundred Sit-Ups Program. I was feeling sick last week and took some time off the Wii Active, but I've gotten back to it and only have 2 workouts to go to finish the 30 day challenge there.

P.S. we broke another high temp record today. We reached 102, which broke the record of 100 that was set in 1925. We are at 9 days of 100+ temps and 35 days with no rain.

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