Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Garden Going Strong

Well, I guess that "old" seed we planted wasn't so bad after all...we have A LOT more sprouts than we anticipated. Beans, corn and beets have all sprouted and will need to be thinned out. The transplants (tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli) are all happy and we got a nice, long, slow rain yesterday, which is a first in a LONG time and the plants look like they appreciated it.

We've gotten into our school routine, I think. It takes more work than I thought to get 2 girls ready for school.......breakfast and clothes and hair and brushing teeth and packing lunches--it adds up! The girls are definitely more tired. Sedona is taking a good nap when she gets home (she only goes half the day) and both girls are in bed and asleep at 8pm with no complaints. Besides that, they are both loving it!

Last night Josh had a soccer game to ref, so the girls and I made brownies. It's all about teamwork:

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