Thursday, September 10, 2009

I want a plasma car!!!!

So, several weeks ago, I came across this new blog through one of my friend's blog. I've been enjoying reading ever since. As an extra bonus, she often has great contests to enter. A lot of times, I don't enter because I figure someone who wants the item more than I do should have a better chance of getting it. Now though, she's been given the opportunity to give away a Plasma Car!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been oogling plasma cars for over a year now. They are SUPER cool and both girls...oh okay, all four of us......would have LOTS of fun with one. It would make my year to be able to win one and give it to the girls as a Christmas present. SOOO.....I am posting here both to increase my own chances of winning and to let those of you with kids know this is out there. If one of my friends wins, I fully expect free rides on the plasma car next time I'm at your house ;-)

Hop on over to Mommy23Monkeys and check it out! While you're there, have fun reading the blog as well!!


Mandi said...

Morgan has one and he loves his "wheels"!!! We need to get another one for the big boys though! They are so fun!

Rhea@mommy23monkeys said...

Aw! Good luck winning!!! I'm glad you like reading my blog. I'm always amazed that people do. LOL

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