Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are we there yet?

I don't know if my kids are just immune deficient, or we got the freaky, already mutated version of the flu, but this SUCKS. I had heard so many stories of people getting tamiflu, being sick a day or two and being all better. I'm hear to tell you, not everyone is so lucky!!!!!!! In fact, poor Sierra was so sick, the doctor even did blood work at one point "just to make sure nothing else is going on" (there wasn't, her immune system was mounting a response).

Now my issue is Sedona. She was completely fever free for 2 days. I was compulsively checking and she was staying at 98.4, 98.6. Then she started creeping up, I was getting a lot of 99.1, 99.5, a few 100.0. Still not technically a fever, but she was cuddlier than normal. Well, this afternoon, she finally started acting like she felt good again. WooHoo!! Maybe I can send them both to school tomorrow and take a well needed, no kids in the house, nap. I took her temp just to be sure. She was in shorts and short-sleeves. It was 100.5. Now it's technically a fever. Which means she has to stay home from school, and more importantly, what the heck is going on?!? I have a stethoscope, I know what pneumonia sounds like (well, full blown pneumonia, anyway)...her lungs are crystal clear. Surely any sort of bacterial infection would cause more fever than that? Why is she acting BETTER if her temp is getting WORSE? I so, so, SOOOOOO hope this is just the last hurrah and tomorrow is fine and she goes back to school Tuesday.

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