Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow, is it only Friday?

Has it really only been one week? Are we sure it hasn't been a month??

Sierra continued to get worse through Monday and Tuesday. She finally perked up some Tuesday evening and broke her fever Wednesday. Sedona started retracting Tuesday evening. Retracting doesn't really do it justice, her entire chest would sink in with each breath. She got a trip to urgent care, an RSV test (negative--doc agreed it's flu), a chest xray (which requires this bizzare and scary for kids setup), and a breathing treatment. She went home and had more breathing treatments through the night (thank you grandma for setting an alarm and calling to make sure my very sleep deprived self got out of bed through out the night). Wednesday morning, she was still mildly retracting and wheezing really loudly, so we went back to the doctor where I found out (thankfully) that she was now actually getting plenty of air into her lungs, just having to work way to hard at it. She was given a prescription for a one time dose of dexamethasone to take care of edema around her throat. worked wonderfully. But she needed 7mg of it, which required taking almost 1.5 tsp of a solution that was 30% alcohol. Blech! Poor sweet baby took some, cried and said no, then still took the rest voluntarily before crying some more. Now she's getting by with MUCH fewer breathing treatments. She also seems to have kicked the fever, but she still sounds bad.

Late Wednesday night, Josh finally made it home. Just in time for the first night in a week that didn't require multiple wake up calls for meds. I feel like every day in the last week has had about 60 hours in it. We ended up with 6 doctor visits in 6 days and all were on an "emergency" basis, none were planned follow ups.

And now........Josh has been offered a post-doc position. The lab is amazing. The research he'd be able to do is fabulous. The pay is really good. The health insurance is phenomenal. The cost of living is about the same it is here. There is ample opportunity to hunt for meat. There is a lady who works in the lab with her own apple orchard that could supply us with all the apples we want for canning. It'd most likely be a 2-3 year appointment. It's very far away, in a cold climate, and travel to/from there is expensive (especially times 4). Logically, we should take it---everything about the job is great. Emotionally, I just can't get on board with moving there. We have until the end of November to decide. If there aren't any other hard offers on the table by then, we'll take it, but we have a lot to think about and it's great and it royally sucks all at the same time.


One Acre Homestead said...

Sounds like a scary week...esp going it alone. So sorry, girl! I'm guessing the position is not the one near fingers are crossed for that one. You'll know the right direction when it comes. (Though the apple orchard is AWFULLY tempting.)

The Hills said...

Unfortunately the lab near you doesn't have funding for a post doc position yet :-(

Jen said...

This part of the NC Hill's will help with the drive. Just give us the word. Uncle Co and Aunt Jen-Jen

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