Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

Sierra's birthday was this weekend. We had a couple of options....a small just family party, an "invite the whole class" McDonald's type party, or a party with just a couple of her friends. We opted for the just a couple of friends party. Since I am good friends with the mothers of her two best friends, we decided to try out a slumber party. I really lucked out on the budget front---The biggest expenditure was buying all the girls princess nightgowns, but then I found princess party supplies at Michael's for 70% off! That means each girl got a really great set of party gifts without me spending too much money. We spent about $15 on dinner--cheese pizza from Little Ceasar's (because they're 5 and they don't exactly have discriminating taste yet), and another $5 on breakfast (a dozen donuts). I made a small cake for each girl and sets of "princess sprinkles" were on that sale rack at Michael's, so they each got to decorate their own cake. They all had a blast, actually stayed all night (which shocked me, I figured someone would want to go home since this was a first for everyone) and I didn't break the bank. Yay!

Just a few pictures to share:
Sierra's last night as a 4 year old

Decorating cakes

Princess nightgowns all around!

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