Friday, December 11, 2009

Crafty Kids

My girls LOVE to do crafts. I don't love it. I hate cleaning and doing crafts with kids is the surest way to create more housework. I'm convinced a five year old, armed with nothing more than a pair of scissors, can break the law of conservation of matter and turn one measly piece of construction paper into roughly two tons of itty bitty construction paper scraps.

I exaggerate. Slightly.

But, the kids joyously draw and cut and glue and sprinkle glitter and in the midst of their mess they see only a masterpiece. So, I grit my teeth, pick up another errant scrap of paper, vacuum up the glitter, and buy more glue. But even a mom has her limits and I have no intention of starting craft projects 30 minutes before bedtime. So when I caught Sedona picking through the craft drawer

I rolled my eyes and prepared myself for the "no! no crafts right now!" battle. Then she turned around with a glue stick and gleefully asked me, "glue?!" and while I said, "no glue", I did lighten up a little. She earnestly turned back to her drawer and turned back around with small dispenser in her hand, "tape?!". Then she had me chuckling, but I still said, "no tape". Undeterred, she finally settled on "color?!"

And who could turn down a child's request to color?

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