Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Changes

I've made a few changes to the sidebar of my blog. If you scroll down a little, You'll notice an Amazon banner on the right. I just put that up this morning and I control what shows up there. I will only add books/items that I have or have read and that I can personally recommend. If you have any questions about anything over there, feel free to ask, I could tell you plenty about why I love each of them. The reason I added the banner though is that while I've been blogging, I've linked to Amazon who knows how many times when I was talking about something and I figured it was time to stop the free advertising. So if you click on something in that banner or a link to Amazon in one of my posts and then you make a purchase, I will get a percentage of that purchase.

In addition to putting up some recommendations, I'm also looking for one. I've read a lot about buying wheat and grinding your own flour with a home mill. The people I know who have done this all rave about how much better their bread is with fresh milled flour. Back in Texas, I didn't have the money or the easy access to wheat to make this a big priority. Now that we're here, locally grown wheat is available at the grocery store and our income has quite significantly increased. We're waiting on moving expense reimbursement and first paychecks and all that right now, but I'm thinking maybe by August, a mill will be in the budget. So who has ideas on what to get? The only really bad "review" I've read is that the one that attaches to your Kitchen Aid mixer isn't worth it because it will burn out the motor (and my poor Kitchen Aid has already been abused....I really need to get the professional model one of these days). So who has a mill they can recommend (or recommend I don't get)?


Karen said...

I also recommend that you DON'T purchase the one to your Kitchen Aid. My dad has burned out his motor three times in a year with it and has finally given up on the idea. He moved to one called L'equip by vitamill. He says there is another one that is better that does more. The other brand that is really good is called Nurtimill. My dad said they are having a sale on them with free shipping right now if you go to their website. Let me know what you think.

One Acre Homestead said...

I have the Nutrimill and love it. I got mine from Paula's Bread (online) and was very pleased with the service. It is quite loud; however, all the reviews I read said it was much quieter than other models. I'm so looking forward to reading more about your move! The day of exploring the town and hiking looks fantastic!

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