Monday, June 28, 2010

Holes Already

Sierra wore me down and convinced me to start school. I figure it'll make it easier to take a vacation when the baby comes anyway. To start off, we made a list of the different subjects and how much time we expected each lesson to take. Then Josh and I discussed how often we thought she should do each subject. Things like spelling and handwriting (which she really needs to work on) will be everyday. Things like math will be almost everyday, because she needs it, but doesn't like it so I'd like to strike a balance between pushing her and not burning her out. Other things like grammar and geography will be once a week because the daily lessons are ridiculously easy and I think she'll get more out of it doing a full week's worth at once. So I made a loose schedule (what subjects on what days) for this week and we're seeing how it goes and what changes need to be made.

And of course, it only took me 10 minutes to realize I had made a big fat planning mistake. Sierra wants to sit down and do work book after work book. She wants to be at a desk, pencil in hand, and just keep handing her worksheets or setting up a computer lesson to click through. Sedona, on the other hand, does not. I already knew that and had planned on Sedona playing with blocks or coloring while Sierra worked (and I helped as needed). That completely did not work. Sedona was more interested in getting into and grabbing things that weren't her's and my patience with that lasted all of 10 minutes seconds. I tried going through letter sounds with Sedona after I got Sierra started on something, but she was only interested in that for two repetitions. I think I have grossly overestimated the planning I need to do for Sierra and grossly underestimated the planning I need to do for Sedona. I found a webpage full of ideas for keeping preschoolers occupied while older kids do school work and I will need to put together some activities for Sedona.

And just to prove we're not exactly cracking a whip with regards to education around here, this is a picture of the girls this morning. The movie on the TV screen is Madeline, and I've lost exact count but I know for sure this is at least viewing number 12 (yes, TWELVE) since last Thursday. Apparently it's the best movie ever, I just wish I could get the music out of my head.

Edited to add: WOW. I just checked my Netflix viewing history and Madeline has been on TWENTY hours since Thursday. I'm willing to bet money at least 90% of that time it was actually being watched. Lazy Parenting: 1, Kimberly: 0. They did get to swim in the kiddie pool outside today and walked around the neighborhood yesterday and Saturday. Still, 20 hours. wow.


Marti Kubena said...

Don't sweat it. I'd be lying if I said my kids hadn't spent 20 hours since last Thursday, alternately watching Jungle Book and Robin Hood.

Don't know if you guys have this, but the other day I bought the Leap Frog Scribble and Write Toy. I fully expected Braden to love it, and he does, but I was really surprised at how much Anabelle was into it. She has spent several hours for the last two days playing with it. Might be something you could use with Sedona.

Rebecca said...

Don't worry about the TV too're pregnant, and you aren't doing it 24/7!

Cut yourself some slack. :-)

The Hills said...

I haven't heard of that one Marti, but they've liked every Leap Frog toy they've ever had...I'll have to check it out!

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