Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look! The Sun!

The sun came out today and it was almost warm. Reminded me of early Spring in Texas (except that it's June, but whatever). We had a busy day outdoors.

First, we walked down to the farmer's market, which is getting bigger every week There isn't a ton of produce available yet, but it's still fun to look at all the booths and check out the huge assortment of handmade goods There has been a little bit more produce each week though and today we picked up some carrots and sweet onions Once we were at the farmer's market, it was only two more blocks to get to main street, so we continued up that way to browse at the book store and to stop in at The Paperclip, which is a mash up of office, homeschool and art supplies.

We came home for lunch, and then struck out again to go explore Blodgett Canyon. We were told the Blodgett Canyon Overlook would be a good trail to take the kids on, so we tried it out.

At the trail head
We found wild strawberries! (I think, anyway, still need to look them up and double check and then, of course, see if they set fruit) (Update: I'm going out on a limb and saying, yes, we found strawberries)
A pretty butterfly that crossed our path
I think Sedona's destined to be a geologist. Everywhere we go, she's picking up rocks
The first look out point, that's the city of Hamilton below
An interesting flower we saw periodically. Any ideas on what it is? (Update: My mother-in-law let me know this looks like a trillium of some sort and after a little research, I agree the flower looks very much like one, except it didn't have "leaves" up by the flower and it looks like trilliums don't really grow around here. Trilliums are in the same Order as Lilies though and I found an entry on the Montana Plant Life website suggesting it may be a Gunnison's mariposa lily, or something similar. The picture isn't an exact match, but everything about the description matches.)
This whole area had a large forest fire ten years ago
We made it to the top!
The canyon (glacier carved)
We happened to have cell service, so we let Sierra call grandma and tell her she was on a mountain
And we watched all the chipmunks darting around

Fun times. Between me and the kids and the occasional narrow trail with steep drop-offs, we had to take it slow, but we made it up in about 2 hours and down in 45 minutes. We didn't even run out of water (which Josh and I seem to have a talent for). When we made it back to town, we went out and gorged ourselves on pizza--everyone was starved.

Quick baby update: I'm 16 weeks today. Started up with the contractions this week (not unusual for me), but they're very very infrequent and not yet worrisome. Lots of kicks and flip-flops and I've occasionally felt kicks with my hand too, but no one else has caught it yet.

P.S. I changed the blog design again. I like this one a lot better, but I'm still not sure. What do you think?


Snyder Central said...

Beautiful views and I'm jealous of the farmer's market. You know ours here BITES!

Hamilton - my parents went hunting near there one year in the 90s. They have a wonderful picture of their army tent all covered in snow from then.

Casey, Alicia, and Ada said...

So beautiful! And I like the blog design- especially the outlines on the photos! :)

Brandy said...

That's cool about seeing Chipmunks! Brooke wanted to know if the picture was Chip or Dale? :P

Also, (and only since you asked) I like the blog design and outline of pics, but the white writing is harder on my eyes to read in lock blocks of paragraphs (like on the homeschool post). I had to highlight it to read it. But then again, maybe it's just me and my cruddy eyes. ;)

The Hills said...

I think we saw Chip, Dale, Alvin, Simon and Theodore ;-) There were a lot of them up there!

I think it's actually easier on my eyes to have dark background and light writing :-p You can change everything individually though, I'll try a light tan background for the posts with darker writing and see what I think.

Carolyn said...

Great pics!
And I like the new design. And not just cause it's kind of maroon. ;)

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