Monday, November 1, 2010

And....Still Pregnant

I've been having prodromal labor for a week now. That doesn't really surprise me because the same thing happened with both of the girls. Unlike all those online descriptions of easy, short contractions that don't do much though, my version of prodromal labor is contractions that are anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes apart, last 60-90 seconds and feel all the world like "real" contractions--radiating to my back and all that fun stuff (I've had two un-medicated deliveries, I'm well versed in what the real thing feels like and these hit the same intensity as transition at least once a day). And I suppose they should feel like real contractions because they do get me at least halfway to that magical 10cm, 100% effaced goal. I imagine more typical prodromal labor is more like what I feel through most of the pregnancy--contractions that are there, but don't require any concentration to get through.

I've officially entered the land of conflicted emotions. It's good for the baby to bake longer and pregnancy-wise I'm comfortable enough to carry her longer without complaint. The contractions are exhausting though and I'm not exaggerating when I tell people I will get more sleep after she's born (and she's my third, I don't think I have unrealistic expectations about how much sleep I'll be getting). So every hour that passes, my brain does a little "yay! still pregnant!" happy dance while the rest of me whines and complains that I just want to rest and if it's going to take delivery to do that, so be it.

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