Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A big, big, BIG rabbit

Last weekend was the Easter Egg Hunt at the George Bush Library. They do a really neat set up every year. It's all free and all the kiddos under 7 get a goody bag (candy, pencils, bracelets, activity book, stickers, etc...) and they do an easter egg "hunt". They outline three huge rectangles on the grass and scatter a bunch of easter eggs out there. The kids are separated by age and when the easter bunny blows the fire truck horn all the kids rush for the eggs. In the past it's been a little "dog eat dog", even in the 0-3 year old set. This year was exceptionally tame for some reason. It was also the first year Sierra was willing to do the hunt. Pics of Sierra:

Sedona also got in on the action, though I think any brightly colored object would've drawn her attention

Another part of the annual Easter Egg Hunt is a chance to sit on a fire truck. Last year Sierra totally freaked out and would not get on the fire truck. For an ENTIRE year we've have heard (repeatedly) about how she wanted to sit on a fire truck. When we saw a fire truck going down the road (sirens blaring, racing through red lights, etc...) she wanted me to stop the truck so she could ride on it. When we saw firemen in the grocery store, she wanted me to go ask them if she could sit on the truck. Everywhere we went, every truck she passed, she asked about this. We told her she had her chance and she would have to wait until next year. Anytime she didn't want to do something that was sort of a one time thing, all we had to say was, "remember the fire truck?" Anyways....she DID get on the fire truck this year. At first, she refused, but that was because the fireman was lifting the kids up. Once we told her daddy could lift her up, she hesitantly agreed. You'll see from the picture just how thrilled she was

On the way home though, she was ALL sorts of proud of herself...."I got on the fire truck this year!"

Here she is showing off her big bad "happy easter" fake tattoo. I have no idea where she got the notion to make that face LOL

And the only thing better than homegrown free food is WILD free food! I discovered a plethora of wild onion in our backyard! I kept pulling weeds in the strawberry bed (note: strawberries and onions are good companion plants) and commenting that the weeds smelled like onion. Then a few days ago I noticed a clump of these "weeds" next to the raised bed with a seed pod that looked an awful lot like onion. I pulled on it and a small chive looking thing comes up and over powers the air with the smell of onion. Then I look up and notice these things are growing like CRAZY all over one section of the backyard. I just casually pulled a bunch and got this:

There's lots and lots and lots more out there. I looked up wild onion and apparently they are indigenous to Texas. There are a few wild onion mimics (though I'm not sure if they're around this area), but everyone says the mimics don't smell like onion and these most definitely do and look JUST like the pictures of wild onion. Everything I've read says they're just as good for food as cultivated onion (unless you're a cow or horse and eat an entire pasture of wild onion leaves).

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One Acre Homestead said...

Oh, I so miss the big Easter Egg Hunt! We always had a great time at those and have fond memories of Isabella scrambling for eggs in the throng of kiddos! ;-) What color was the wooden egg this year?

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