Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We have been successful in creating sauerkraut! Since neither of us has ever eaten (much less made) homemade sauerkraut, Josh took a jar of it to the German post-doc in his lab and she smelled and tasted it and says it is indeed sauerkraut. Yay us!

Our potato plants have finally put up sprouts that are visible above the hay. If they all keep it up, we will have a freezer full of potatoes au gratin, mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes, potato soup, hashbrowns.... We planted something like 44 sections of potato and I've read online about potato yields anywhere from 4 to 12 potatoes per plant. There's the potential for A LOT of potatoes out there.

We are steadily planting seedlings. Here's the "before" picture of how barren the garden looks. In a few months I'll take another picture of everything all grown up and we can marvel at the difference ;-)

If you live in town and want lettuce, let me know. We have more than we could possibly eat. Mostly romaine and a curly leaf variety with a little bit of spinach left.

We have determined which chicken has come out on top in the pecking order. We finally settled on the name Sheba--as in "queen of sheba", though I'm still campaigning for "She-ra". Even in their bigger box, she continues to shake a tail feather in the face of confinement.

Being a flock animal, she always jumps back in and chirps bloody murder if she falls out (this has only happened when the dog ran in there barking at her). And the chickens are moving out of the ugly teenage phase and looking mostly feathered lately.

And last but not least, the latest diapers I've made for Sedona--these are 4x8x4 infant prefolds :-)


Snyder Central said...

love your garden! Looks so neat. And I love the U shape of them. I'll take lettuce off your hands later in the week. I just bought some at the store! (and later in the season, I'll take pretty much anything off your hands you have too much of!)

jenna said...

Are you serious? I'd love to try some "homegrown" lettuce! Email me (OR PM me) and let me know when/where I can pick it up.

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