Monday, March 24, 2008

Photo overload!

Lots of pictures in this post!!

We'll start with the mundane. The chickens have moved out to their new home. They are happy happy birds (too happy at dusk, when their gleeful chirping makes me cringe and await the neighbor's complaints, but no one has said anything yet--it wouldn't really matter since we are following all the city ordinances, but it's nice to not be at war with the people living 100 feet away). Their coop gets moved about every three days so they can "free" range. I've found it takes them a matter of hours to search out and eat all the clover, the other grasses soon follow. Dandelions are the last thing standing and only get moderately pecked at even when most of the other grass (and probably the feed too) is gone. The dog hasn't gotten used to them yet and seems unable to avoid her canine instinct to run laps around the coop while barking. Thankfully no chickens have had a heart attack and they have now learned to just go into their roost and ignore her.

Sedona has started eating the gerber puffs and *loves* them. I now have trouble getting her to eat regular baby food. It's not uncommon for her to take 2 or 3 spoons, then bang on her tray and yell "PUH! PUH!!" until you give her a few puffs, then she'll eat more baby food. We started her on Kix and she does well with those too (and they have way more calories). The good news is eating now keeps her entertained while I cook or fold laundry or whatever...just keep tossing a finger food her way and she's a happy camper (by the way, her shirt is so wet from all the sierra says, "she's a drooly drooly baby):

She is also REALLY wanting to crawl. She's not yet getting anywhere--she's doing the typical "crawl" backwards thing where she just rocks and then pushes herself back, which is apparently infuriating, because it's the source of more crying/yelling than I've ever seen from the child.

So Easter was this week. Following Sierra's thoroughly confused questions about why we need a 6 foot tall rabbit and what a rabbit has to do with eggs, we've (for this year anyway) ditched the easter bunny. She was no less excited about everything. She got to dye eggs:

And she was very excited to get her easter basket in the morning:

Sedona was a little less sure about what this whole easter basket thing was about

But she was excited to get a new can of puffs anyway and took the opportunity to inspect the ingredient list and find out just what it is that makes puffs so darn tasty:

We all headed outside at 8:30 in the morning to hunt eggs and Sierra found them all pretty quickly and was very excited. She spent the next hour standing in a chair at the kitchen window looking outside to see if she could spot anymore eggs. She finally told us she found one and it wasn't an egg, but she wouldn't believe us, so we told her to go look. She puts on her shoes, heads out to the very back of the yard and yells out, "It's not an egg". As she's walking back though, she suddenly veers off and starts shouting, "I FOUND AN EGG! I FOUND AN EGG! I FOUND AN EGG!" The kid was SOOOOOOO excited she literally ran out of her shoe.. "I FOUND AN EGG! I FOUND AN---MY SHOE!.....I FOUND AN EGG! I FOUND AN EGG!" So, I can say with confidence that everyone within a 10 mile radius was definitely awake by 9am because our child graced them with egg hunt excitement even if they didn't have kids of their own.

Later on we learned that a cheapo $1 kite is one of the coolest toys ever to a three year old. Each time I resist the urge to get her big expensive stuff, I get reminded that she's really happy without us spending tons of money (besides, why bother having to "one up" myself every year this early??).

We got video of her flying the kite as well, because most of the time she was jumping up and down and going, "my kite! my kite! look at my kite! my kite's way up in the air! my kite! my kite!" I guess flight is pretty amazing when you're 3.

And here are the resident partners in crime. Sierra is completely a daddy's girl:

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