Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free Advice

I was driving to the doctor today and saw something that I feel deserves a blog post. It's not often I claim to know what's best for a certain person. Well, maybe I'll gripe about my opinion to Josh, but I don't go around telling the whole world they should do this or that. However, I think I can confidently say NO ONE should be reading while driving. I'm not talking a quick look at directions or something, but actually reading while driving. I had the joy of ending up behind a truck that had a college-aged looking guy holding a book up off to his right (cause you wouldn't want to obscure your vision of the road while you're reading and driving would you?). Yes, the truck was moving. Now, I'm a reading addict. I've been known to read while eating, while riding in a car, while waiting for an appointment, even while walking (not on busy roads though), but I can say without hesitation that it is NOT a good idea to read WHILE DRIVING!!!!!!!!! Not just for your own sake, but for the poor sap who's in on coming traffic, or the lady behind you with her baby in the car that would rather not be planning how she's going to avoid the wreck you're likely to cause. Really---I can't think of anything that can't wait until you get to your destination.

As far as that doctor visit....I think we can say Sedona's making progress (of some sort anyway). She has maintained her growth curve for her length and head circumference (yay!). Her weight is still dropping off. She has managed to steadily gain 6oz/month for the last 7 months. I guess a steady gain is a good thing, but it's not enough to maintain a growth curve. Back at 2 months old, she was in the 90th percentile, as of today she is right on the 25th percentile line. Now, I realize we are more "25th percentile" people and I never expected her to stay at the 90th. I'd be quite okay with her being at the 25th (though, even Sierra's right on the 50th), but she needs to level out and follow a curve here at some point. She hasn't had bloody stools for a long time now, but we are constantly battling constipation issues--the child eats a huge amount of prunes (she likes them at least!), but any grain at all seems to cause her problems (we've tried rice, corn, millet, quinoa). We have an appointment tomorrow with her GI, so the pediatrician said he'd just leave that to the specialist. She also has cradle cap that will not come off. Sierra's lasted a while, but this really won't come off (I've tried shampooing, scrubbing, rubbing in oil, picking with my won't come off). He prescribed something to put on that to clear it up. I'm still thinking there's some sort of (admittedly, mild) immunology/food allergy thing going on, but I don't know what to look for anymore. Numerous people have commented about yeast imbalances causing constipation (though that just came up with the addition of solid foods...surprise, surprise, don't get me on my lactation consultant soap box about that one) and cradle cap problems. I suppose I should go pick up some baby probiotics. They carry them at the local natural foods store and I figure they fall into that "won't hurt, might help" category. Anyways.....overall, I say she's doing a lot better--I wish she'd gain weight better, but the absence of bloody stools has got to be a good sign.

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