Monday, April 14, 2008

This is your brain...

This is a can of juice:

This is what happens when a can of juice spontaneously leaps from your hand and kisses you on the leg:

ouch. It also left a very sizable dent in the step stool my brother in law made us (sorry Harold).
And in other no good very bad day news, Sierra has 5---yes FIVE cavities. joy. I can't say I'm surprised. Josh and I have both had an insane amount of dental work done. My first thought was "why fill baby teeth?" but an internet search turned up the information that yes, you do fill baby teeth. There is a little gray area there, but four of these are in each of her second molars, which don't fall out until age 10-12 and you can't let decay sit around for the next 7-9 years. sigh! That should be fun. I think I'm gonna owe her a few milkshakes. Also fun is paying to fill 5 cavities. I'm gonna talk to the dentist and hope they'll give us a discount if we pay cash up front.

But all in all, life is still good. We are all healthy and together and that's what's important, right? A friend of a friend has spent the last week and a half in the hospital with their baby girl---she went to daycare just fine and then was in the hospital following an "incident". No one knows for sure what happened, but it's pretty easy to put the pieces together when you see and read about the damage that's been done. The family could use any prayers/good thoughts/healing vibes you can send their way. She has a carepage under the name AlexisLinn if you want to read more about her and see her pictures. Anything we've had to deal with (ever) pales in comparison to what this family is going through.

Our two happy girls:
Sedona still won't crawl, but she's happy as can be standing:

I made Sierra a "twirly skirt", I couldn't get her to sit still long enough to take a picture of it though, so all you get is an action shot:

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