Saturday, December 6, 2008

It worked!

Thanks to Dawn over at UK lass in US for stopping by to give me the confidence to give the doll house a try! It worked out great--one night of sewing and one morning of detail work. I should have added landscaping to the inside and maybe some little people, but since I procrastinated and waited until last night to start making a present I need for a birthday party today, this one is probably gonna stay pretty plain. Pictures:

Both my girls really liked it. Sierra keeps saying she wishes she could have one too and Sedona went for the direct approach of just stealing it off the table and screaming bloody murder when I took it back

Looks like I will be making at least two more of these (three? Sierra needs a gift to take to school for their gift exchange). Hoping to find the time to make little fabric people as well

And I always have to add random things onto the end of my posts...

The girls watching rolls bake (I don't get it either, but they were fascinated)

And another mystery Christmas present fabric picture


One Acre Homestead said...
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One Acre Homestead said...

Now you've gotta make some of these "bendy dolls":

Aren't they adorable?

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