Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saying Ahhhhhhh

Stephanie posted about a little challenge from Little Homestead in the City. The challenge was to "say ahhhhh" and post a picture of your food storage. Because I'm not quite awake and I have a very smallish child to chase after, I limited it to home canned food:

Some was home grown, some was purchased (in season and on sale) and I realized when I uploaded the picture that my sweet potatoes aren't on there---they're on the very bottom shelf, 17 qts of them. In addition to this, I have my actual pantry (with all the store bought food) that harbors about 15 pounds each of dried beans, oatmeal, and sugar, about 50 pounds of flour, several cases of evaporated milk and about 15 boxes of cereal, plus the other stuff that's only in "normal" quantities. And two deep freezes that are each about 3/4 full.

Oh, and I also have two adorable children that truly like each other:

(yes, the both fit themselves into a toddler sized bed when there is a full-sized bed meant for them to share only 5 feet away)


Little Homestead in the City said...

Thank you for letting us see "your insides"

Looking good - very tidy and full of yummy goodies.

Keep up the good work. Happy homesteading

One Acre Homestead said... do you store such big quantities of sugar, flour, beans, and such? I'm afraid weavels would get in my flour or ants in my sugar. Are they in big rubbermaid tubs? Tell all!!

The Hills said...

I actually haven't had any trouble with it. At the moment, I do happen to have the flour and sugar in rubbermaid containers, but that's only because the hurricane was coming through and I wanted it protected in case of flood or whatever. I've left it on the shelf (unopened--they are regular sized bags) without trouble. I always rotate stock (use the older stuff, put the newer stuff at the end of the line). I tend to buy sugar about once or twice a year (when it gets to $1 per 4lb bag) and I stock up on flour when it goes on sale ($1.50 per 5lb bag is a big stock up point for me). I would say with all the baking around here, nothing ends up actually staying on the shelf more than 6 months.

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