Friday, December 26, 2008

My poor neglected blog

I have managed to tear myself away from the sewing machine, at last! Well, sort I just get to help Sierra with HER sewing machine, that she got for Christmas! The days (umm...and hours) leading up to Christmas were a sewing frenzy. I'm pretty sure there is still a hold out in the family that's not opening our presents until Sunday, so I still can't post particulars.

I do have some pictures to share, though I kinda gave up after about 10 shots of a blur as Sierra ran around the room.

Christmas eve-eve....Sedona THOROUGHLY enjoying a good, ol' fashioned PB&J:

I kept my nephew for a few hours on the 23rd...I decided to construct gingerbread houses so the two big kids could spend the morning decorate them. Not so sure this was a great idea-----I really didn't have the time to be baking and building houses the night before (there was that pile of sewing to do...), and I really didn't need a 4 and 6 year old hyped up on sugar running around the house while a 1 year old was trying to nap. Oh well, they had fun, and that's what counts, right?

Sierra has such a pained look on her face because the icing isn't even dry yet and she's already asking me, "can I eat the house NOW?" as if I've made her wait an eternity.

To keep them from destroying the houses, I decided we'd make shrinky dinks. I'm getting quite the collection of "kids staring at the oven" pictures...

Then it was Christmas Eve...time to open presents:

The collection of gifts...we were all quite spoiled

Sierra frantically handing out gifts

The girls opening their BIG gift...the grandparents got them a big train set to share

Sedona deciding big gifts are best viewed from an aerial vantage point. Once daddy and Pa-paw had assembled the train table, she climbed on top of that too.

Pa-paw with his BIG gift---why yes, that is 50 pounds of popcorn kernels. What do you DO with fifty pounds of popcorn kernels? I have no idea, but it cost the same as buying significantly less popcorn in smaller packages, so fifty pounds it was.

The girls all got matching aprons of the CUTEST fabric! Sedona doesn't quite get it, but Sierra was all excited and we donned our matching aprons while baking cookies for Santa

Then I got a Christmas Eve phone call that unexpectedly dumped a great potential business opportunity in my lap. Can't make it public yet, but I'm excited to explore the possibilities!!!!!

Then Christmas morning rolled around and I got...count 'em...ZERO good pictures of the girls, but I did end up with a picture of the dog :::rolls eyes:::

There were other cameras around, so I'm assuming there are also other pictures. Christmas morning, my brother came over and we did the gift extravaganza all over again and then ate Christmas dinner for lunch (and I managed to get all the food to the table while it was still warm this time...go me!)

Today I have blatantly abused the fact that my wonderful hubby is off work---I slept in, I went shopping alone, I went to the library alone and I sat on the couch and read a book. That's pretty much it. Tomorrow I have to get back to actually doing something.

I decided (as I was sewing Sierra's last gift about 3 hours before we opened presents) that I really need to work on this whole Christmas gift thing throughout the year. Unfortunately, everyone seems to do their holiday posts, holiday time. So, in the next few weeks, I'm gonna assemble a list of links for things I made and post it here. Then I'll remind those procrastinators out there about it closer to Christmas time ;-)

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