Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another year, another budget

Last night, we had spaghetti and meatballs and there was sauce leftover, so tonight it was time for pizza. For the fun of it, I decided to see how much it cost. Here's the run-down:
1 cup of water (pretty much free)
2.5 tsp yeast $0.06 (purchased in a one pound pack)
1 tsp salt $0.01 (purchased in bulk)
2 tbsp olive oil $0.21 (purchased in 2 liter containers)
3 cups flour $0.24 (stocked up at $1.50/5 #)
¼ can spaghetti sauce $0.23 (used leftovers from pasta dinner last night)
1 tsp garlic powder $0.04 (estimated, not sure how many tsp in a 10 ounce bottle)
½ pound mozzarella cheese $2.25

Total: $3.04

I'm thinking you can't really beat $.75 a person for dinner. Plus, homemade crust tastes SOOOO much better than the greasy, commercial version. If you happen to have a dairy cow in the back (don't laugh, it's a long term goal) or be on WIC and don't have to pay for the cheese, it's only $0.79 total and you definitely can't beat that.

Maybe someone can refresh my memory, because I really don't remember this happening before last winter, but we are definitely back in that "Falltering" pattern where the temps fluctuate wildly from 30/40 to 70/80 and back again (all within the same week). This does horrible things for my cold weather plants...specifically the brussels sprouts, which I love, but I really think I'm not even gonna plant next year because this is looking like it'll be year 2 of NO crop from them. The winter of 2006/2007 they grew perfectly fine (and I think it was consistently cool). It's very frustrating. You have to make the best of any situation though, so we spent some time outside today on garden tasks. Josh was assembling new garden beds (more info over at his new blog, Saw Daddy Saw), and I picked blooms off strawberry plants (yes, doing that AGAIN, in JANUARY), weeded and watered. Also started this year's garden journal today!

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