Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 2!

I must admit, it's nice to start the day with a clean kitchen. Today's list took me an hour and a half too, but that's mostly because one of my "extras" today was to clean off the baker's rack....another thing where I was NOT starting with a clean slate. Everything else took about an hour (well, aside from folding the laundry, because it's still in the dryer).

On the frugal meals front, we're having homemade tamales tonight. No way I can break that down by price because they're super cheap, but really labor intensive. There's not really a fair way to price it out. If you do decide to make tamales, wait until right before Christmas, when you can usually buy your ingredients in bulk and on sale (if you're somewhere with a sizable Hispanic population, anyway), then make LOTS. If you're gonna take the time to do it, might as well get at least 5-10 dozen out of the deal.

Garden-wise, our weather is screwy as ever. Went from 80's to 40's overnight. lovely. Sometime this week, hoping to start lettuce seeds indoors. The idea is to put several small pots in the sunniest windows (we have old windows with no coatings, I suspect newer windows that block UV would cause problems for plants?). Then I'll start lettuce seeds every week until the pots are full. Once the leaves grow up, I'll have the plants right here in the kitchen as a reminder to put a salad with dinner---healthy and budget stretching!

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