Thursday, January 15, 2009

The joys of children

It's only fair to post about letting babies be babies one day and then the trials of that the next, right?

As part of Sedona's separation anxiety, she has decided sleeping in her own bed is only suitable for the first 4 or 5 hours of the night. Then she wakes up and oh so lovingly says, "mummy dear? may I sleep with you?" No, no. really, she screams bloody murder and Josh and I would both rather bring her into bed with us than stay up much of the night. Most of the time, she's reasonably cuddly. As soon as she lays down, she holds onto my hand and we all go back to sleep. At some point last night though, she decided momma was in need of a love pat. Yes, somewhere in the wee hours of the night, I awoke to the lovely feeling of a size 5 foot slamming into my face. There was direct heel to eye contact and for a second, I fully expected to reach a hand to my face and feel vitreous (that jelly stuff that fills your eye) running down my cheek. I made some whimpering sounds in a blatant grab for attention and sympathy, but Sedona just rolled over and Josh never stirred. I feel so loved. Today, something behind my eyeball (that I'm pretty sure I'm never supposed to feel at all) is sore.

Sedona has also discovered her loud voice. My mother can attest (because it went on so long, I called to let her listen in) that when Sedona wants snacks, she is not taking "dinner will be ready in 15 minutes" for an answer. She proceeds to yell something like, "YA YA YA YA YA YA YA YA" at the top of her lungs. I'm pretty sure that's baby talk for "just open the *$*#%& pantry door and get me some *#@#*(# animal crackers this *#(%*)**( minute! I don't give a #*%(# rat's #%@ that dinner's in #*(%$#(*& 15 minutes!"

Fortunately, Sierra stories are quite limited lately. The funniest thing is really just in how animated she is when she explains something to you. Her mission in life is to figure out everything. Though, since she claims to be omniscient (really, she does), I'm not quite sure why she needs to ask so many questions. As we ate pizza tonight, she claimed to have a wonderful rice pizza recipe. She says she'll teach me to make it when she gets older.

Random pictures are the best kind, aren't they?

When you triple your bread recipe, and decide to play on the Wii for *just a little bit*, you do run the risk of forgetting entirely that you were making bread. If you have a husband that gets all nervous about your massive batches of dough anyway, that sort of thing might just feed into his delusion that one night the dough may crawl out of the bowl and come to eat him....

Sierra in her super cute dress that she HATED when she opened it on Christmas Eve (because it's black and she doesn't like black), but she now LOVES and wants to wear all the time:

Sedona's in the background, working on what we euphemistically like to call "drawing"

And because I forgot to post earlier, King Cake!!

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