Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Whirlwind Afternoon

It has been a hectic day around here! First, I found out my closest mommy friend was offered a really good part-time job she applied for. That means I now have a job too! (well, aside from the one of raising my kids...which has great emotional rewards, but frankly, the pay and benefits suck!) I'll be watching her baby boy for her several times a week and probably the baby and her pre-schooler one afternoon a week. Life will be busy, but it'll be fun and bring in a little extra money for us. Very exciting!

Then, Josh got his W-2, which puts me one step closer to filing taxes. I know, I'm weird, but I actually like doing the taxes (I'm not commenting here on the individual tax policies, but just the act of doing the math and the paperwork).

After lunch, I decided we should take advantage of the 78 degree weather and go outside. So, the girls ran around the backyard while I set up the sprinkler to water the garden. Note to self, do not turn an 18 month old loose in the yard, turn on the water, then turn your back to pinch off strawberry blooms. You might just turn around to find this:

And this:

And an adorable little girl that seems to be saying, "I know I shouldn't, but it really is oh so fun!"

In the end, you have to give in, let kids be kids and agree that your pre-schooler can play in the sprinkler too:

Then when everyone's thoroughly soaked AND they've played in the wet dirt to boot...

It's time to strip down at the back door, throw the clothes in the washer and change in to dry (non-matching, but whatever...) clothes and hang out on the porch swing

Then you cap off the afternoon with a toddler face-planting on the floor. You know you're a veteran mom when you see this:

And your primary thought is, "eh, that's not so bad"

Yes, you read that right...I have kids running through the sprinkler and blooming strawberry plants--in January. :::shakes head:::

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