Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Cookin'

I was planning on making red beans and rice for dinner, but when I got to the pantry, I found out we were out of kidney beans. The new plan was pinto beans and cornbread. It was like a little piece of my childhood on the dinner table. I'm officially naming beans and cornbread as my "comfort food from childhood". "We" probably ate chicken and dumplings more often, except that I never liked that one ;-)

If you know anyone that works with babies or wants to work with babies and might be interested in a Lactation training, send 'em over to my website. I had a training scheduled for Alexandria, LA August 10-12 and it was so popular that all the spots filled up and my waiting list kept getting longer, so we've added another training in Natchitoches, LA August 7-9. The trainings are normally $350, but thanks to the fabulous host, The Central Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition, the fee for this training is only $250. That includes lunch each day, light breakfast, snacks, 200 page book and the opportunity to win some of the books from the reading list as door prizes. It's a great deal, I tell ya! Even better, we JUST finished revising the manual (as of yesterday) so the presentation and materials are chock full of the most recent research out there. I only have 5 spots left in Natchitoches, get 'em while they're there!

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