Sunday, July 5, 2009


I just checked the weather. Found this little gem of a record report:
Another high temperature record was set at College Station this afternoon. The Mercury rose to 104 degrees. This breaks the old record of 103 set in 1939. The temperature has reached or exceeded 100 degrees 15 times this Summer. College Station has not received measurable rain since may 24th (0.35 inches).
Luckily, we are forecast to have highs in the low to mid 90's all next week. I may just have to break out the long sleeves. As a true friend of summer, I feel I am justified in saying this heat wave/drought has just been too much. As I have been proclaiming for the last week, now it is just stupid hot. It's freeze an entire bottle of water and it melts in less than 30 minutes hot (not exaggerating). It's sleep nude, with no covers, with the fan and the a/c on and still change sweaty sheets in the morning hot. TMI? hmm....oh well.

We spent some time out in the heat today for a good cause. Our friend Max was a beneficiary of the local Red, White and Blue Charity Extravaganza, so we went out to show our support. Sierra didn't quite get what was going on at first, but by the end, we were ready to leave and she was dragging us back to the fence to watch more of the burn-out contest. Grandpa would be proud ;-)

My camera batteries didn't last too long, but here she is checking out one of the cars (oh, okay, and asking if she can eat all of that popcorn)

And here's Max, Veronica and James (and Holly, but you can't see her) handing out the awards for the car show.


Heather said...

Temps in the 90s? hahahaa Think again as I look at my weather bug on the bottom corner of my screen that says 101! Stupid hot is a great description!

The Hills said...

I know! The "cooler weather" lasted all of what? 2 days? We ended up hitting 104 yesterday (at 7pm!!!)

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