Sunday, January 10, 2010

Easy Bake Mixes

Like I mentioned earlier, Sierra bought herself an Easy Bake Oven this week. Judging by my own childhood experience, I was pretty sure that'd be a reasonable investment for her and she'd have a lot of fun with it. I couldn't in good conscience let her spend a ton of money on mixes though. I spent a little time searching for mix recipes and we have tried a few out now.

First up was a plain white cake mix. This was easy for me to whip up and makes 10 mixes that she just has to add water to when she's ready to bake. We made a few changes to the recipe: It takes more like 5-6tsp of water to make up the batter and take note that one baggie of mix makes TWO cakes. We also found we had to bake for about 14 minutes.

To go along with this, we made a batch of white frosting mixes. Also easy for me to mix up and she just needs to add water to them. The only change I made on this one is I added a little powdered icing coloring so she could have pink frosting (the color will look darker once the water is added, so it's okay if the color is pale when you make up the mixes).


One Acre Homestead said...

Good stuff!! Those mixes are SOOO expensive at the store. Thanks for sharing. If you find a good brownie recipe, send it our way!

The Hills said...

We did try a brownie recipe today, but apparently it was supposed to go in two pans, because we put it all in one and it didn't cook and we had a bit of a mess to clean up! Also, it had to all be mixed up right then....I'm on the look out for a make ahead mix she can add water to. I may experiment a little this week.

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