Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh The Cold, and The Cold!

It's about to get a little chilly around here. This time next year (when I've acclimated to Montana) I probably won't think so. But this year, in Texas, where my "winter wardrobe" consists of 2 sweatshirts I pull out of the closet every fall, it's gonna get cold. We're expecting lows of 18 and wind chills in the single digits and that, my friends, is cold. I actually didn't realize just HOW cold until I tried to explain it to Sierra. I suddenly remembered the digital readout on the freezer, which shows a steady temperature of 4 degrees Fahrenheit. And I explained to her that on Friday morning when she wakes up, it's going to feel as cold as the inside of the freezer. And now I feel not only anxious about the weather, but also silly for paying to keep my freezer cold inside my house, when all my food would do just fine if I threw it out on the patio.

Then there's the cold. The random assortment of symptoms that snuck up on me Wednesday and got better and then got worse again. It's a testament to a good marriage when your spouse can listen to you hack and snort and whine in the shower every morning and still conceive of a day when you might actually be sexy again. Too bad today is not that day. So this morning, I painfully loosened the purse strings and paid $25 to see the doctor. Through his thick Russian accent, he told me.....absolutely nothing, actually. We've seen him once before and he did the same thing, horrible bedside manner. When the nurse came back, she handed me a sheet about sinus infections and a prescription for a z-pak. So I guess we're going with a diagnosis of sinus infection, but I'm not sure it really even matters since the z-pak would cure just about anything that could be wrong with me (except a virus, of course, but it just doesn't have a "virus-y" feel to it).

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