Monday, February 8, 2010


I understand having a prepared speech. I understand having notes to refer to. I have a little trouble understanding anyone past high school keeping those notes on their hand, but hey, if professionalism isn't high on the priority list, whatever. What completely baffles me though is apparently writing some of your core beliefs/platforms on your hand. By definition, those things should be pretty ingrained and hard to forget, I'd think? If stage fright is an issue (but still, wow) at least get a note card, right? And for the record, yes, I'm biased. I cannot stand Sarah Palin. Aside from Cheney, I think she's my least favorite Republican or Tea Partian, or whatever. (For the record, my least favorite Democrats are currently Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid)

The Huffington Post Article: Palin's Tea Party Crib Notes

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Veronica said...

I gotta disagree, friend. I see nothing wrong with someone writing a couple of key points on her hand. I have given speeches before in which I have forgotten a basic point I wanted to get across, so what's wrong with a reminder? Yes, a notecard would've worked too, but the way she is being nit-picked on this drives me crazy. Our president can't seem to make a speech without a teleprompter to save his life. I'm biased too -- I think Sarah Palin is a bad-ass. :)

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