Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Cold Hard Truth

image from I added a circle around the town we're moving to

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited to move to Montana. It's a little socially awkward when I answer truthfully (no, I'm not). It seems everyone is waiting for it to "click", for me to get excited. The truth is that I'm not, it doesn't look like that's going to change, and more importantly, I don't have to be. For one thing, it's temporary. This is a post-doc, not a long-term job, so we will only be there for a few years. I don't have to feel the same way about it as I'd feel about going somewhere for a "real" job. Second, it's a fabulous post-doc offer. No one else would be able to match the pay, benefits and research resources available--it's too good to pass up, no matter the location.

So am I excited? No. Am I willing and able to make the best of it? Absolutely. I just have to put in a little more effort to do so.

And for the record, if you ask me the other big question ("So, you ready to move?!") the answer is also likely to be "nope". I will move, and it will be fine, and we'll make the most of it and experience as many new things as possible while there, but I just can't mentally psych myself up to the point of being excited and ready for a place as far away and cold as Montana. So unless you want that honest conversation, you're better off waiting until I've actually been IN Montana for a couple of months (but before winter hits) and then asking me how I like it.


One Acre Homestead said...

I've felt the same way when moving with Frankie for his is tough to get excited when you know it's temporary...and cold. I'm thinking of you and your lovely girlies. Give them some boxes & they'll love to help pack. Be sure to get some pictures of the process, too. I have a great pic of Isabella "packing" Maddie into a box when we moved from College Station. :) (((HUGS))

Brandy said...

I just wanted to comment to say I like the fact that you actually have a blog label for Montana. LOL

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