Sunday, February 14, 2010

Same Ol', Same Ol'

Not a whole lot going on around here. The house we were hoping to rent in Montana isn't going to work out. The owner was pretty wishy washy about some things and it was just getting weird, so we decided it was probably better not to be dependent on him for things like heater repairs or something like that. We're still looking and there are lots of promising options. It'd be nice to put off committing to something (and possibly paying before we move up), so we're not in a rush yet. Other moving plans are falling into place though. Looks like moving day with be May 24th. We're gonna have some help driving up, which is awesome. It's 2,000 miles, so it will be several days (especially with the girls, they can't tolerate 15 hour days or anything like that).

We're having some issues with Sedona again...some trouble with her old GI issues that we took her back to the doctor for, but it's looking like we've gotten that straightened out again. She also appears to have mild asthma. I was recently put back on my asthma meds, and it was again labeled as "exercise and cold-induced" asthma. Looks like Sedona has the same thing. She is not needing daily meds at this point, but she starts wheezing when she runs and sometimes starts in with the coughing. She got another box of albuterol (the nebulizer form is a lot cheaper than the inhaler and she's mild enough that I'm not worried about not having an inhaler on hand every second of the day), but it's really not a big deal at all.

The girls both had "work night" at school this week, where we get to go see what they're learning. Sierra's just chugging along, learning everything she can and Sedona seems to be following in her footsteps (though I think she's more interested in math, whereas Sierra's all about reading).

Sierra's writing has caught up to her reading. In the last few months, her handwriting has really improved--she's sizing her letters appropriately and they are of course messy, but legible to anyone. Her spelling has also improved greatly. She still mixes up her lower case d's and b's, but I think that might have something to do with being left handed (every other kid in class has learned the b points toward the hand they're writing with and she's had to learn the opposite). Sedona finally decided to start talking (a bit late, just like sister) and boy does she have A LOT to say. She chatters all day long and most of the time we understand her. This weekend, she has decided she's 5 years old. She was being particularly ornery and I said, "man, you're two!" and she held up 5 fingers (see? a numbers girl!) and said, "no! I five!" She has stuck with it all weekend. If anyone tells her she's two, she tries to correct them. She's also decided to become a little comedian. She'll say something and then cover her mouth and laugh like she's just the funniest thing ever.

Not much else to report. We celebrated Valentine's by getting a heart shaped pizza, making heart shaped cupcakes (which the girls decorated with heart-shaped sprinkles) and drinking pink lemonade while we watched a couple kid's movies we'd rented. Who needs a fancy dinner out when you've got two kids covered in chocolate frosting to love on?!?

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Veronica said...

I was very impresses with Sierra's writing when I saw her dog poster! Such good work!

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