Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"I'm not dead...I'm getting better"

Any Monty Python fans out there? I'll admit, it's kinda just "eh" to me, but Josh loves it and pulled the above quote on me the other day. I'd say it's a fairly accurate description of how I'm feeling. If I had just been normal preggo sick all this time, I might be thinking I feel pretty yucky right now, but compared to how I WAS feeling, I'm doing fabulous. I'm not dehydrated anymore and I'm snacking in the night. Josh has been secretly tracking my calorie intake periodically and it's still pitiful, but getting better...I'm probably around 1500 calories a day, which is "only" about 1000 short of where I should be. I'm throwing up more, but I feel better. This is more of a regular "I'm pregnant and feel yucky" thing--yesterday I threw up, but then ate a whole roast beef sandwich. I keep saying next week will be better, but I really think next week will be better. I need to focus on gaining weight now (healthy weight, which is always harder than fast food and ice cream weight!)....I'm down 11 pounds, so I need that back plus some. Since I'm already at risk for preterm labor/delivery and being underweight and having inadequate weight gain may be a factor in early or low birth weight babies and it's something I actually have some control over, a good diet is definitely going to be one of my focuses just as soon as I can push myself to eat normally again.


jenna said...

I'm definitely a Monty Python fan and recognized the quote immediately. Give Josh this one - "It's only a flesh wound."

My favorite though is the Knights who say NEE!!

jenna said...

PS - glad you're feeling better. :)

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