Sunday, May 30, 2010

Starting to Settle In

Boxes are slowly getting unpacked. We are exploring the town a little at a time (which isn't much of a's a small town).

My overall conclusion? I hate the weather. When we arrived, it was 50 degrees colder here than in Texas. That's a shock on the system even if you like the cold, and I most definitely do not. I had to unpack the winter clothes first, which was completely unexpected, but I sure am glad I bought some things on clearance before we moved here! Thankfully, there are baseboard heaters throughout the house and it's been very comfortable inside. BUT, I like the town a lot more than I thought I would. It's a different mentality for shopping--you go to the hardware store for maintenance stuff, the clothes store for clothes, the candy shop for get the idea. There are a few "big box" stores here, but the biggest is a small K-Mart and a good ol' thriving small town main street will meet most of your needs. The farmer's market is awesome and just made Josh and I shake our heads (as we've been doing for years) that the one in B/CS isn't bigger. There is ample opportunity to eat out at places where the food is made right there, from local ingredients and is healthy enough that you don't have to feel guilty for skipping a meal at home.

I have three big tasks on my mind right now....unpack everything, find space for decent food storage, and finish those quilts I started.

I am feeling A LOT better this week and I think I'll be making quite a bit of progress. I "cheated" and went shopping at the Wal-Mart in Missoula this morning after we dropped Josh's brother off at the airport---I stocked up on everything I need to make 9 recipes from the Fix, Freeze, Feast cookbook (roughly 4-6 weeks worth of dinners). That will go a long way towards filling the freezer and easing the dinner rush as we settle in.

Hopefully I find the time to also start updating regularly again!

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