Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ooof....We're Moving

I had my first official appointment with my midwife today (don't worry, we'd been in touch--a lot--and I'd seen the backup doctor--a lot). Big difference between the care I got from my OBs and the care I get from my midwife: Initial OB appointment for pregnancy? 15 minutes, tops. Oh, plus an hour in the waiting room. Initial midwife appointment for pregnancy? TWO HOURS (and no waiting room). Two hours to thoroughly discuss any and all questions that had been weighing me down. Two hours to discuss the importance of nutrition and what my goals will be as I get back to eating normally. Two hours to rehash how the other pregnancies and deliveries went and how this one might be similar or different. And none of this was unusual, all initial appointments are scheduled to last 2 hours. All other appointments are a solid hour. If you don't have concerns and you're ready to leave after 15 minutes, no problem, but if you have things to discuss, the time is scheduled without anyone else waiting to make everyone feel rushed. Love. It.

Until we got to the end. Normally, appointments are once a month this early in pregnancy, but since we're moving, Toni asked me if I'd like to see her again one last time before the move just to be sure things were going well (keep in mind, there is one global fee you pay for the entire pregnancy and delivery, she's not getting any extra money for more appointments, just giving exceptional care). I said sure, we're leaving in 3 weeks, so it'd almost be a month anyway. She scheduled the appointment, wrote it in her appointment book, and wrote it on a reminder card for me. Then she pointed out that we are most definitely moving in LESS than three weeks. That was harsh Toni. Way harsh.

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