Monday, May 12, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

My order did come in!! Yay! A lot of people say the fold over elastic is tough to do, and there definitely is a technique to it, but it's totally do-able, so if you have some sewing skill and have been holding back, give it try! ;-) For my first cover, I went with a very basic design. Next, I'll make one with leg gussets in it (to contain those blow out poops my child will have one day when we fix the constipation thing once and for all), then I'll hopefully graduate to pretty fabrics on the outside. Everyone tells me you just use a glue stick to hold the PUL and fabric together while sewing--neat tip! So, here's my diaper cover:

And since the real baby's asleep, I took a picture on one of Sierra's scarier looking dolls (with a CPF underneath--premium size, but I cut down the length on them)

Found out today that Sedona likes to do laundry. I even documented the event (for proof when she's a teenager and complaining about doing chores).

Sierra also had an affinity for laundry as a baby (well, she still does). Here's her picture:

Yes, that is my precocious child standing (quite competently) sometime before her first birthday. Based on the clothes, it had to have been summer, so she's probably about 10 months there (b-day in october). It always kinda shocks me to look back at pictures and see such an itty bitty person walking! Sedona might be headed the same route. She still lunges more than she crawls, but will walk if you hold her hands and on Friday she got mad at me and pulled one hand away from me and would only hold on with one.

In cute picture land....Sierra can't wait for Sedona to move in and share a room with her. I'm pretty sure when she does, this is what we'll find most mornings:

Sorry it's fuzzy, but still cute. They're both holding on to each other. Since Sierra has still shown extremely little jealousy at this point and is so excited to share her room, I think we may just end up getting a double bed for them to share instead of fitting two twins or having bunk or loft beds (Which I love the idea of, but don't trust my kids to stay put in).

And to further the picture cuteness, Sedona *almost* fits into her bike helmet. It's just a smidgen too big. Unfortunately, it really doesn't stay put well when she's in the bike trailer :-( I would really really really like to get to that point sometime soon and more or less ditch the car.

And, apparently, we have not only the biggest skink in Texas living in our backyard, but the second biggest as well:

This one scared the living daylights out of me. I didn't know (s)he was there and just saw something slither in the lettuce bed. At least with the big skinks you can see their legs easily once you get a good look at them! The smaller ones take a lot better look to tell they're not snakes sometimes.

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