Monday, May 5, 2008

The Poop Diaries

I have a secret....

I know a rain dance. Seriously! A real one, and it works! Ask anyone in the B/CS area, it rained cats and dogs today and it's ALL because of ME. Well, me and my magical rain dance. You want details? First, you comment about how the plants in the garden are looking a tad droopy. Then, you waver for a couple of hours about whether to water or not. Finally (and this is KEY), you take the considerable time to drag the sprinkler around to all FIVE of the garden beds/areas and fully water each one. Go to sleep and wake up to the sound of rain. Rain continues almost non-stop until 4 in the afternoon. I even have the perfect "stop rain" dance---go pick up your husband from work (who was planning to bike home). Worked like a charm.

Oh well. Since we have yet to set up our rain water collection system here (yes, we've had plenty of time, don't make me list everything else we've done), I stood at the window lamenting all that free water that was falling uselessly on the concrete. Being the crazy woman that I am, I finally started strategically placing containers under downspouts--a 5 gallon bucket, two 48 qt coolers, a giant rubbermaid container and a 4 gallon container. It's something.

I also have poop news. On the off chance you are reading my blog and don't have kids of your own, I'll prepare you now--when you have kids, poop is important. It's amazing how quickly you fail to see anything weird in thinking about someone else's poop and discussing it with your significant other and friends. If you are not interested in poop, there's a little red x at the top of your browser--feel free to click it.

Sedona has battled constipation (and I do mean battled) ever since the GI had us start solid foods. Just so I get credit for doing so, the lactation consultant in me is refraining from pulling out my soap box about this issue right now. Moving her last appointment with the GI, it was decided she needed to take her laxative every other day. Even after discussing this at length with the doc, I'm still a bit uneasy about this prospect and instead of giving it every other day, I did once or twice a week and increased her prune/peach/pear intake. Well, after a *horrible* incident Saturday (she cried, I cried, it was awful), I decided I was wrong. Big, fat, dead wrong. At the moment, I gave her 3/4 tsp of the laxative (she normally takes 1/2). It takes a day to work, but as of yesterday it still hadn't done much. I gave her her 1/2 tsp again this morning (yes, I will be doing the every other day thing now) and immediately after, the first dose from Saturday "kicked in". I didn't even notice she went, but good gosh, it was such a HUGE mess (and the consistency it actually *should* be for a baby) that after two cloth diapers and 4 cloth wipes worth of cleaning, I just gave up and gave her a bath. Thank goodness. Never been so glad to clean poop off a happy baby!!!!

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Karen said...

ok so I'm going to comment about all of your recent blogs on this one. First, YEAH for Sedona Pooping! Second, I think I should take a lesson from you on scrimping and saving. The next couple of years are going to be rough if I don't figure something out. Third, your garden sounds amazing, I wish I could see it, more than that I wish I could have it. (: Sounds like things are going well.

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