Monday, May 19, 2008

Pink Princess Air

If you live in the B/CS area and are looking for a dentist for your kiddos, I have to HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeannie Williams. We started taking Sierra when she was 2 and have never had a problem, they've been great with her. Well, today she went for her first fillings and I expected high drama and trauma, but it went GREAT!!!

To start with, I got to sit in the chair with her (she laid on top of me). Then Dr. Jeannie took note of her pink shoes, pink socks and pink dress and told her she was giving her "pink princess air" (laughing gas). They let that go a little bit until Sierra started talking to them, then they put the topical anesthetic on. While that was soaking in, Dr. Jeannie told Sierra, "I have kinda long fingernails, so if I poke you or do anything else uncomfortable, you just have to use our magic word---'uh, uh' and we'll stop and fix it" (prepping her to let them know if the shot hurt). When they gave her the novocaine shots, they told her they were just gonna spray a bunch of water in her mouth and asked her to close her eyes real tight so they didn't get water in her eyes---so she never saw the needle, and they sprayed/sucked up water the entire time they were doing the shots and she didn't even flinch. Dr. Jeannie showed her the drill and told her she was gonna tickle all the sugar bugs and Ms. Tracy was gonna suck them up with "mr. thirsty" when they ran away. Then they put in "silver pudding" (we went with amalgam since it's quicker and these are baby teeth) so the sugar bugs couldn't get back in. At one point she flinched just a tad and they immediately stopped and asked if that hurt her at all and got her a little more novocaine. She got to pick out two prizes when she was done and I took her for a strawberry milkshake too. We ended up doing both the molars on the right side (so, top and bottom). Two huge thumbs up for dr. jeannie, the master of re-direction. She goes back on the 29th for her next two. The only complaint I've heard from her is she doesn't like silver--she wanted pink or yellow fillings :::rolls eyes::: I told her, oh well, she's stuck with 'em until those teeth fall out, but I think we may have a small issue with that next time.

On the sewing front, I've perfected my diaper cover making technique (for my own personal use anyway, not sure I'd sell 'em ;-). I've figured out how to do a decorative layer and leg gussets, yay! Pics:

And random cute Sedona pic--she thinks she's "big people" now, holding her own sippy cup and everything!!

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Rachel said...

Your diaper cover looks awesome! I might need a lesson from you in leg gusseting someday. And I love the floral flannel you covered it with--great taste--I used the same fabric for my mama cloth. :)

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